Utah's Hogle Zoo
The Zoo currently is home to two polar bears.

Meet Nora and Hope!

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Project Ideas | Utah’s Hogle Zoo Polar Bear Challenge
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Project Ideas

Polar Bear Challenge Project Ideas

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Turn off the lights and computers when you leave the classroom. One kWh of energy produces about 0.84 pounds of carbon dioxide in Utah.

Have students pledge to carpool, walk, ride your bike, or use other public transportation including the school bus when traveling to school. One pound of carbon dioxide emission is prevented for every mile driven to school.

Create crafts with re-purposed materials and recycle leftover materials. Recycling can save hundreds of pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.

  • magazines = 52 pounds
  • newspaper = 172 pounds
  • glass = 30 pounds
  • plastic = 47 pounds
  • metal = 146 pounds

Have students pledge to unplug electronics such as TV’s, DVD’s, cell phone chargers and game consoles or turn off power strips when they leave home. Fifty percent of all energy consumption occurs when electronics are turned off. This will save thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Produce less waste. Have students pledge to bring their lunch to school in reusable bags and bring reusable utensils. Reducing your garbage by half a garbage bag a week can save 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Lower your class’ thermostat by two degrees when the heat is on and raise the thermostat two degrees when the air conditioner is on. This will reduce about 420 pounds of carbon dioxide a year.

Stop buses and cars from idling when picking up students from school. One hour of idling a car uses a gallon of gas, which equals 20 pounds of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere.

Have parents and faculty make sure the tires in the parking lot are fully inflated. Many tire companies will check tire pressure at no charge. Fully inflated tires can improve gas mileage by three percent.
Since every gallon of gas produces 20 pounds of carbon dioxide this can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emission.

Design other projects that help reduce energy use. The possibilities are endless; use your creativity and imagination. If you have problems determining emission numbers contact Hogle Zoo’s education
department for reliable Websites.