Utah's Hogle Zoo
The Zoo currently is home to two polar bears.

Meet Nora and Hope!

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Polar Bear Challenge Pre Survey | Utah’s Hogle Zoo Polar Bear Challenge
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Polar Bear Challenge Pre Survey

You can download this pre survey here.

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An unexpected snowstorm is an example of:
Climate changeWeatherClimate

Looking at the weather on a graph for 30 years would tell scientists about:
WeatherWeather forecastClimate

Scientists might look at which of the following to study climate:
Tree ringsIce coresBoth of these

Which of these actions by people are increasing the carbon emissions?
Turning off lights and using less energyUnplugging your computer when you are not using itLetting your car engine warm up for a half an hour on a cold day before driving it.

Which of the following actions can you do to help slow down climate change?
Buy less stuffTell your parents to turn off their car engine when waiting in line at the fast food restaurantTurn off the lights when you are not in the room.All of the above